Олга Раваси
Олга Раваси

Serbian Realist of the Albanian Origin

Олга Раваси

Олга Раваси

As a PhD candidate, in the final stages of a doctoral dissertation, which deals with the US foreign policy and the problem of the disputed Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, I was searching for scholars, academics, journalists, writers, politicians and other experts to interview regarding this subject. It is important to note that the doctorate on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is even more precious to me, given the fact that the former US president Bill Clinton is an honorary chancellor of the Walden University, which I am attending. According to the doctoral methodology my task is to be unbiased and objective, presenting various points of view, from many sides involved in the dispute. Naturally I was to contact individuals of Albanian nationality, among others, and through a great friend and an independent columnist, Ms. Julia Gorin, I came into contact with a gentlemen of the Albanian descent, directly from Albania.

As a Serbian woman, I was somewhat cautious based on the previous negative experiences, and maintained the relationship professional and strictly academic, basing the conversation on my doctoral task at hand, without revealing much about my own background. I started receiving answers from the gentlemen in question, including his personal introduction, CV, and his background. I was astonished by his honesty, integrity and bravery. So, with his permission, I decided to reveal some of our academic and friendly discourse, since I found it very surprising and fascinating.

Out of the concern for his safety, given his controversial answers, I asked if it was acceptable to use his name in the publication and he responded: “Yes, write my name, because I want the responsibility of my opinions. Besides, it is much more efficient. That’s what we’re trying to do. Otherwise it looks like a fairy tale. Fear is not a factor!” He also added that it is important to add the disclaimerthat the opinions expressed are personally his. “I want no moderation whatsoever for my opinions.” So, here they are…..

Dr. Ilia Toli was born and raised in Albania, with a given name Ilir, which he changed to Ilia, as in his mind Ilir was too explicitly symbolic of an Albanian patriot. “Long story short, I don’t feel Albanian since 1992, when I was only 20, and still in Albania” says Dr. Toli, and continues, “I have been always outward about the Albanian character being at great odds with my character and goals.”

After completing his education at the University of Tirana, he fled his home country on a boat and found himself in Italy, illegal and homeless, but through dedication and hard work managed to complete a doctoral degree in mathematics at the University of Pisa.

“I lived 9 years in Italy and was eager and had a great deal of good will to assimilate, but I felt like forever I’d have been a second hand Italian. This disenfranchised me from Italy” reveals Dr. Toli. “If chance brought about for me to live in Serbia, I would have no problem whatsoever to become a proud Serbian. For example, I never became a proud Albanian. Part of my erratic movements in Europe are explained by the fact that I would do what it takes to avoid Albania. I wouldn’t become Arab or Muslim either.”

Dr. Toli revealed:“I am of Christian Orthodox birth, and have been baptized Christian Orthodox in the Russian church of Bologna, Italy, in May 1999. I carefully chose the date to coincide with me expressing sympathy for the Serbs against Albanians at the time of the bombing.”

This statement alone, held so much power, integrity and honesty, forcing me to pursue his opinions further. Luckily, he was captivated and stimulated by my questions, searching for his new and dealing with the leftovers of the old abrogated Albanian identity. He said that if he didn’t answer my questions they would continue to itch. “There is a degree of liberation in expressing oneself,” says Dr. Toli.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with whatsoever origin and whatsoever history. It would make me stand taller if I start from humbler origins” he admits. “But then again, this is me, and not everybody is like this. If a person has nothing whatsoever to identify with, or to brag about, or to hope for, they invent themselves a great grandfather that was Gran Duke of Atlantis. If they are a crowd, they invent the History of Albania.” Dr. Toli is clearly aware and seems to suggest that there are blatant historical falsifications made on the part of the Albanian community, used for political purpose, which is another reason for a great clash with his Albanian counterparts.

Eventually, Dr. Toli made it to the United States, where he lives and works today. Currently he is a professor at the Valencia College Florida, in the United States, working on a second degree in Aerospace Engineering, and he intends to complete a second PhD in Mechanical Engineering. “I got the US citizenship since few months ago and feel American since a few years. I feel more American than George Washington. Feeling more American than Obama is easy, not even a compliment,” said Dr. Toli, lending a critical eye towards the current US Administration.

Naturally, the questions regarding my task of the doctoral dissertation led to the discussions about the war ravaged Balkans, disintegration of Yugoslavia and the subsequent problem of Kosovo and Metohija. Dr. Toli began answering my questions with a deep understanding of the historical consequences, which were surprising and contrary from what one would expect from the common Albanian rhetoric.

Yugoslavia, Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija

“After WWII Serbs were accused of having been the favorite nation of Yugoslavia, in the interwar period, though the state was officially called Kingdom of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians. Serbs, the largest identity group, paid the heaviest toll in WWII, not only at the hands of Germans, but mainly at the hands of Croatians, and marginally at the hands of Bosnian Muslims.After WWII, Tito, a half Croat, managed to defenestrate Serb nationalists from the key positions. When republics were organized, nothing whatsoever was kept present about the contiguity and population composition of the republics. The whole Orthodox population of Yugoslavia was a continuum of identities, mostly around Serb identity, little around Bulgarian, Montenegrin, and Macedonian. Also the language identity was and is a continuum that does not reflect whatsoever the religious or national identifications. Huge chunks of contiguous Serb populations were left in the newly formed republics, that didn’t even have any historical justification to be formed that way, except maybe Montenegro.Then the new Yugoslavian constitution was approved, that is still in the Guinness Book of records as the longest in history.”

Dr. Toli continued:“During his late years Tito very willingly awarded Kosovo and Vojvodina vast autonomy. Kosovo at that moment was still 50% Serbian, as reflected by the amount of Serbian cadres in the key positions of the new entity. Kosovo Albanians did keep pushing for more and more autonomy and ethnic cleansing with the intention of joining Albania. Kosovo was vastly helped economically by the Federation, and this created big resentments in Croatia and Slovenia. Why should they keep contributing to this poorer brother forever while Kosovo never straightens its back?”

“The organization of Republic of Serbia is a case study” said Dr. Toli, “composed of Kosovo, Vojvodina and the rest of Serbia. Laws passed by the common parliament had to be validated by Parliament of Kosovo to be valid in Kosovo, likewise in Vojvodina. This caused the raise of Serbian nationalism, as laws valid in small Serbia were voted for also by Kosovo and Vojvodina. A very similar case is the raise of the English nationalism, as the laws valid in England are also voted for by North Ireland, Scotland, Wales, but not the other way around.”

Dr. Toli continued giving insight into his views of President Slobodan Milosevic. “A psychopath he was, because he killed the one man to whom he owes the place in history and the relevance: Stambolic. A dictator Milosevic was, but he didn’t have a crush for rigging elections for its own sake. He could DEMOCRATICALLY win elections! Why would he rig them? How could he win the elections? Are Serbs that backward? Are they the new Nazis? No, they are not. Milosevic could easily win the peasant vote in Serbia. He could count on the vote of Albanians in Kosovo. They ALTOGETHER, without exceptions, voted for him, in order to keep him in power, because he could be sold in the West as a bloodthirsty communist dictator. If another person won the elections, the argument could no longer hold.”

His views about the US and the West were reflected in the statement regarding the bombing of Serbia. “Clinton – Albright administration, couldn’t do anything through the UN, and did whatever they did by mumbling vague terms like International Community, whatever that means. In order to inflame the US internal opinion, it was claimed that half a million Albanians are missing the headcount. It was implicit that they might have been killed by Milosevic. Why would he? Also, the cases of abuse, like 42 killed Albanian civilians, were indeed 42 KLA thugs” says Dr. Toli.

He asked me if I have ever read the demands of the „International Community“ to Serbia. His view of the ultimatum was very clear. “One of the demands was free availability of the whole territory of Yugoslavia for the NATO troops. This is an euphemism for occupation. And bad intentions didn’t stop here. Whatever the „hysteric“ perception of my opinions, they are the facts,” adds Dr. Toli.

Dr. Toli feels that major geo-strategic reason for the US/NATO bombing of Serbia, as well as the recent events in Libya and Syria are directed towards Russia, as the US is obsessed with keeping Russia confined in the Black Sea. He says: “Serbian interests and policies aligned mostly with Russia. This was for historical and blood-relation reasons, but also they didn’t have a choice: USA had already handpicked Albania, Germany had handpicked Croatia. Macedonia is still an orphan, begging USA that they are sincere friends, 20 years on.”

The questions about the legality of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence in 2008, and its mere legality, Dr. Toli addressed further: “Kosovo’s unilateral independence had been prepared for a long time. They are the main reason (not the only) for the breakup of Yugoslavia. They are the vibration that rotted the body.And the secession was not legal within the frame of the Yugoslavian constitution, as Kosovo and Vojvodina didn’t have the right to secede.”

The conversation steered towards the serious allegations of criminal activity in Kosovo. “Traffic of organs from living persons, there is ample evidence for that” claims Dr. Toli. “They rounded up Serb civilians from Kosovo for the purpose of extracting their organs. A prisoner’s organ was taken as the need arises. Then he was stitched somehow, waiting for the next organ of his to be removed, and begging to be killed.”

Considering many factors including the most relevant, history, Dr, Toli concluded: “Serbia does deserve Kosovo for historical reasons. Serbian kingdom was actually vast, including most of Greece in the process. The point is, they ruled over a vastly non-Serbian population that considered them occupiers, and were only happy to get rid of it. By the same token, Turkey today keeps laying claims over Albania, Serbia and Bosnia, because they had it once, and for a long while.I wish Serbia keeps Kosovo, you can quote this if you wish, but this is not scholarly at all, just an emotional blurp. I daresay it is in the interest of the Albanians that Kosovo remains Serbian, but they are too thick to get this. Starting from the first year after independence, many Albanian dignitaries came open that the Albanian independence had proved a huge disappointment. I wonder what would have been of my life had Albania joined Yugoslavia in 1945. It could possibly only have been better.In a more sane world, Albanians would fight for their right to join Serbia, and Serbs would fight to keep Albanians at bay, but we don’t live in a sane world.In 1990 Kosovo had a per capita GDP three times higher than Albania. Back then I was wondering how long will it take for tables to turn. It didn’t take really long, just a few short years. And it is not like Albania is an economic miracle. They will keep blaming war, but war damaged Serbia much more than it damaged Kosovo,” says Dr. Toli and gives constructive solutions to the problem. “Keep Kosovo Serbian, break up Bosnia-Herzegovina so that Republika Srpska goes to Serbia, Croatians and Muslims will figure it out among themselves. After all they are democratic, civilized, open-minded, unlike the Nazi Serbs,” sarcastically concluded the scholar.

The religious factor is a dubious one, as far as the Albanians are concerned, so I asked Dr. Toli to address the issue. “The identity in that part of the world is religious for the most part. Therefore, struggling for an identity, Kosovo Albanians will keep pushing on Islam. The Albanian military officials that I have talked to are at once Islamic fundamentalist, Albanian chauvinist, pro-American, anti-American. Yes, you need a good dose of syncretism for the last two, but that’s not a problem for them. They are pro-American in the fight with Serbia, anti-American in the US-Middle East conflict.There have been more than 15 organized terrorist attacks in the USA by the Albanian Muslim organizations, and zero (0) from Serb organizations. Who has a bigger reason to have a grudge against USA? Albanians give it for granted that the USA had to do the right thing, that is, their bid.”

I have seen some reports that the Albania was being influenced in the direction of Christianity, and Dr. Toli, being Christian Orthodox himself concurred. “I agree that Albania now is being Christianized massively, including Kosovo. In South Albania Islam is almost extinct now, ceding terrain to Orthodox Christianity. In Kosovo it cedes terrain to Catholicism. This for historical reasons, and also because Orthodox would make them Serbian, which they now quite despise. The point is, I have known vast Slavic Muslim minorities, in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia. They deliberately feel Albanian, included Sandzak. This is again because genes and language don’t matter, the religion does. Rexhep Qosja himself is a Slavic Muslim from Sandzak. That would take a whole lot to realize. I think, as Albania drifts away from Islam to Christendom, there will be future for the Balkans. Also because this inner struggle will keep Albanians busy for a long while. This has already caused a triple drift among Albanians of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. Albanians are caught between a rock and a hard place now. Islam as identity is no longer viable because it has proved to be the looter thing that I so strongly underline all over. Shedding it away takes a huge toll, and so does not shedding it away and staying there in the middle struggling with oneself,” concludes Dr. Ilia Toli.

Albania and the World

Albania was one of the most closed off and inaccessible nations in the world. Nobody ever knew much about Albania, so Dr. Toli was kind enough to share his views about why and how this came about. As a side note and an explanation for the poverty and backwardness of Kosovo and Albania, Dr. Toli wanted to make sure to discuss the personal and professional traits and characteristics of both Albanians and Serbs, which likely contributed to his personal disregard for the Albanian culture and a frame of mind. “Albanians were the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. That skewed their character a great deal, besides 500 years of big dividends. Soldiers of that day were looters, which contributes to the character of the Albanians to this day. Albanians in the region of Kurvelesh (Vlore) to this day tell jokes with thieves all the time, which is their only sport. And thieves are not Robin Hood types, rather simple looters that ravage and don’t care for the damage and bleeding that they leave behind. Whether Albanians were in power (most of history) or in minority, they never had an interest in farming. That is, they did care to own land, but not to cultivate it. In Yugoslavia time they all became miners. What else could they do? Serbs, on the other hand, are farmers which requires long term planning, dedication and skill. You be the judge!”

Dr. Toli continues, “Most of their history,the Albanians have been looters, and so are they today. Only that this is no longer morally permissible, and not even proposable. Therefore they have done an inversion. They paint themselves as victims, to the world and to themselves.There is empathy in victimhood. This, Albanians hope, is one reason for the „unity“ of purpose among Albanians. And it does unite, but for how long? For as long as looters remain united: until they have accumulated enough loot, or have brought down the prey. Then, time is ripe for lacerating each other.” Dr. Toli thinks that the Albanians feel entitled, and says, “Everybody owes them something for some wrongs sometime somewhere. They are articulate at this. Then they instill hate for the inhumane perpetrator of perceived injustices, which paves the way for the new round of loot. Show an Albanian a map and ask him, what are the boundaries of Natural Albania? (That’s what they call it now, Ethnic Albania is no longer viable.) You will get astonished! All Balkan nations would like to be a little bit bigger. Albanians beat them all in appetite, as well as in the lunacy of their historical arguments. And I am Albanian,” confirms Dr. Toli.

Speaking of history, we have also touched upon the origins of the Albanian people, and discussed two viable theories, the Romanian link and the Caucasus Albania link. Dr. Toli recognizes both, and says that there are some 800 words that are similar between Albanian and Romanian, but also due to the population mixing a lot of Slavic, Greek and Latin. Also, he recognizes that there must be an Asian or Mongolian layer to the Albanians, as they have some very prominent physical similarities, which may go back to the barbarian hordes. “In Europe there is Iberia, Albania, Bulgaria, in this order. In the Caucasus there has been Iberia, Albania, Bulgaria, in this order. That’s too much to be a coincidence”, says Dr. Toli. As far as the Slavic prominence in the region he says: “The toponyms of the South are very heavily Slavic. Like, Berat (Beograd), Bistrica, Bushtrica, Babica, Jezerca, Bezisht, Bilisht, Zicisht, Kucova, Polican (Aromanian I believe) and many others. There are plenty of Greek toponyms, and little Albanian. Albanians ought to not have much claim to much of Albania proper. More precisely, to anything South of Shkumbin river, that accounts for more than 60% of Albania proper.”

“Historically,” he says, “Serbs and Albanian Christians have had good relations. Christian Albanians are the suspicious patriots, unlike me who am outward traitor,” he admits.“The atmosphere was heavily poisoned by Franciscan (yes, Franciscan) friars of Albanian origin who had studied in Austria-Hungary before WWI, and made its bid. For what I was taught in school in Communist Albania, Serbs have a genetic tendency to be submissive and uninterested in all fine things. They are natural slaves. Yes, from Communist Albania I was taught this. By the professor of Marxism-Leninism, who himself is ethnically Gypsy.”

Julia Gorin, an independent columnist, took a very interesting approach the above statement by Mr. Toli. She said: “I was also struck by the part where he was taught Serbs are naturally submissive and natural for slaves. Although that doesn’t jive with the Serbian fighting spirit and their saying “better the grave than a slave,” it does jive with the submissive behavior about self-defense and lingering feelings of guilt from buying into their designated role as villains. But it also begs the question: If Serbs are submissive, what a coup to have painted them as the aggressors. At the very least, this is proof that the Serbs’ “victims” never believed the Serbs to be aggressors, but went on the offensive to fool the world that they were. Precisely the art of the propagandist: accuse the target of doing what you’re about to do.”

Dr. Toli also revealed an interesting fact widely perceived in Albania. He said, “The Serbian three-finger sign in Albania was explained like all the other things: in a convenient and wrong way: scissors (behead) and strangle. Being Serbian it can only be up to no good. Later on I found that nobody really knows what it means. At some point I thought it means Serbs, Croats, Slovenes.” Hence I explained the Christian Orthodox connotation to the Serbian three fingers, pointing out that the three fingers held together are a traditional Serbian greeting, as a symbol of the Holy trinity.

Dr. Toli talked about the devastating economic conditions that Albania suffered throughout history, which continue to this day. “Looting Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and China (in times of national hunger) didn’t help Albania straighten its back. We still are the black hole of the mankind. I think Albania is one of the reasons for the backwardness of its neighbors; backwardness not as compared to Albania, backwardness as compared to the rest of the civilized world.How did Albanians describe their economic relationship with Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and China? Like Albania being robbed by all of these big revisionist sharks, and surviving thanks to the righteously inspired, Comrade Enver Hoxha. How lucky we were to have him…” says this enlightened scholar.“If you work hard, in Albania you are considered a fool. They have a saying: America is work, work; Italy is work, fun; Albania is fun, fun. For them, work cannot be fun!” claims Dr. Toli.

He continues to wonder….”Where is the Albanian Tesla? Or quarter-Tesla for the matter. Or tenth-Tesla? Palace Albania is situated in the middle of Belgrade, and was for some time the tallest building of whole Serbia. Where in Tirana is Palace Serbia?” Albanians refer to EU+ USA as „the civilized world“. They don’t include themselves there. How telling is that? They think they are barbarians. Even when Albanians civilize, they won’t become Americans or Swiss or Nikola Tesla.”

Dr. Toli shared some of his experiences as a professor in the US, looking upon the education in Albania. “One of the early grudges that I had about Albania at around 14-16 years old was: „Albania is the place where I cannot even satiate in Mathematical exercises” said Dr. Toli. He also adds,“Talking with an Albanian student in Michigan, he was jealous about how much Greeks brag around with their history. I told him, but they have it, and we don’t!”

“There is nothing wrong with having no history whatsoever to brag about,” remarks Dr. Toli. “Let’s start building it right now! Let’s set to work savagely, study savagely. Let’s set our minds to beat everybody else in school. Many nations have done this before. Judging by the number of universities, one would think yes. Knowing the facts, Albania just doesn’t belong where it is situated. With all the problems that they have, Balkan nations rank very, very high in schooling. All of them have their own crown jewels to brag about. If you want to study, you can. There are books in their own languages and other languages. How about Albania? There are some 100 private universities in Albania now, for 2.8 million Albanians. They are thought of as kiosks, businesses, and nobody in their right mind thinks they have any future. Public universities are not much better; no books, no intention to change it. Albania ranks below Ethiopia and Cambodia in university rankings, towards the very last places in the whole world.”

Dr. Toli points out that the Albanians do not have the loyalty towards the religion or their Albanian national identity, this is a romantic thought. The supremacy still belongs to their identification with a particular tribe or a clan. “Albanians look at anything else, including Albania, as a possible target to loot.” He continues his dissemination of the tribal allegiance by saying: “Even the commitment to their tribe needs dissection. Is it all love?” he asks remembering the story of his grandfather being beaten savagely by the clan-chief for disobeying him. “What was that powerful force that kept the clan together despite all the suffering? The outside enemy was. Everybody, Muslims and Christians alike were subject to looting by gangs of hajduks that ravaged the country forever. Everything was fair game. They could steal your wife and daughter to marry them off to whomever as a third wife. Or steal whatever riches they could carry away. This is the glue that bonded the clan together in Albania’s case. Again looting! So much a powerful steering phenomenon it was.”

He concludes, “It is easy to get in the main square and tell that you don’t like Serbs. Try this with „I don’t like Albanians“, and see what happens” says in the end Dr. Toli, revealing much pessimism about the Albanian democracy.“There is a term I coin a lot, little Albania-little misery, big Albania-big misery!”

“I was pleasantly surprised” he admits, “to discover that Serbs are the nation with the highest self-esteem in the world. I am sure that this is not a recent thing. There is no hope whatsoever that the USA or anybody else will remodel Serbia to their interest of the moment. But they can do damage!”

He finishes with a pleasant anecdote from his teaching at a US university. “I have had many Serbian students in the USA. One of them asked me for a reference letter. I said yes, I will give you a very nice reference letter. Then I jokingly added: I will write there, He is Serbian but good!”

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    veliki pozdrav i za brata nam u Hristu koji je imao snage da govori istinu. Gospod je Istina a on kao pravi Njegov ucenik nastavlja stopama svoga Ucitelja

  9. Ovo bi trebalo da bude čitanka za Albance kako bi promenili sve te negativne stvari, jer ako oni to ne promene mira na Balkanu nikad neće biti. Na žalost ovo neće pročitati ni jedan Albanac, a ako neko ovo objavi na nekom njihovom sajtu ili novinama rizikuje da brzo bude ubijen.

    • Agroni-Ja sam pročitao i mnogo mojih prijatela alabanaci,treba svi da znamo ovo ti je demokratija,svako ima pravo da kaže šta misli,da bi to billo za vreme jugoslavije ne bi došlo do rata,da su svi imali svoja prava,drugačije bi bilo,a za mog razočarenog albanca Dr.Toli ima pravo na neke stvari,mejutim on je slepac,zbog svoje vjere,ne zna on ništa za serbski narod on voli vjeru što Serbi imaju,on čak ne zna ni svoju istoriju,on misli da su serbi neki drugi narod izgleda on da ne zna da su,crnogorci,serbi,bosanci,harvati,makedonci,albanci i grci pono pomješani mejusobno od kad su serbi došli na balkanu sve se promjenilo kad su Turci došli,oni su promjenili vjeru ovog naroda i tada je počeo viliki problem u ballkanu,ja sam źivio u jugoslaviju sa svima vama i znam koje i štaje svi su bili krivi u tom jugo.da su samo albanci bili ne bi rat počeo od Slovenije pa na dole do Kosova,Dr.Toli moźe da priča za Albaniju ja tamo neznam kako je bilo,samo to znam da je Enver Hoxha zabranio njima vjeru i sad Dr.Toli je źadan sa svoju vjeru i zbog toga hoće da bude serbin,mi kaźemo jendu rječ „Trava je uvjek zelena ne kod komšije“pa kad te komšija primi u svoju baštu onda se vidi jel to zapravo zelena trava a możda meni se činilo.

  10. Београђанин


  11. albanac vas komsija is dardanije

    Nasli ste jednog bednika koji nije Albanac a hoce da bude Srbin. Auuuu pa i ova doktoreska je lepa mozda bih i ja promenio nesto da me ona intervijuse. Ovo je nul zero nistanada….samo je onako hajde da kazim nesto sto ce vam se svidja…moram da kazem da mozda ona treba da ide u kasino jer dobre su mu sanse….takog albanca samo jedan u milion mala…

  12. q: Whats the best way to make a unbiased and objective story if you are Serb?
    a: Find one Albanian who hates his origin

    Nice waste of time for all

    • If he is ashamed of his origin that doesnt mean that he must love Serbs,and he has nothing to do with Serbia,he is Albanian from Albanian and he knows his history,as you can see they are taught to hate Serbs,to look at them(us) as bad people as inferior people,we dont learn anything similar here in Serbia..So Mr Jim you are an biased idiot who just does not like the truth!

    • It is very sad story actually!!….. Nature vs Nurture, all comes down to his upbringing and parenting. Ilia Toli must have had a very disturbing childhood and all the anger and frustration that cannot be taken out on his parents, is taken out on the society..Then again there must have been something that he liked from his Albanian roots because he changed his name but not very far from his real name…..I wonder how does he answer and how he feels when people ask him where he is from originally, because I very much doubt any amount of PHD-s will be hindering his roots….. I hope that PHD makes him enough money to afford a good psychologist because it seams he does have a lot of identity issues to sort out and deal with…I wish him all the best in acknowledging his identity, for his mental/ emotional well-being and not for his recount of the history… “If you judge a fish on his ability to fly, he will go through life thinking he is stupid“ ..now in no way am I saying that Mr Toli is stupid(phd in maths proves that) but when it comes to history he is just a fish trying to fly!!!

      • lola, in the nature exists fish called fly-fish which is jumping from river and catches insects ,and that fly-fish at al hasn’t problems with its own identity, but is one fish with experience in both worlds ,one with water and one with air, so Mr Toli in this interview just express his opinion for his both worlds and nothing else.

  13. It’s not an objective study, is just a fairytale for the children of nationalist Slavic people.
    Is a waste of time reading it.

  14. Александар Јовановић.

    Жиле,па дај ти неку објективну студију.Онако,по шиптарски објективну.

  15. Riat Ramadani (I feel Albanian therefore I am)

    They say a book is judged by its cover, and such judgement can be easily found in the headline of this article:“ Serbian Realist of an Albanian Origin“. Now, „Serbian realist“ is being used as main argument to prove a certain thesis related to the origin of Albanians. Since the author of this article is Serbian (PhD candidate) I would like to propose her to define what is a realist in the context of this discussion. Is it scientific to deem a „realist“ a subject whose mental structure serves a political cause, to be used as valid argument. Can the author define further on realism?!

  16. Riat Ramadani (I feel Albanian therefore I am)

    Put aside the ethnicity, and let’s discuss about perception. How do human beings perceive reality, and is there an alternative reality, or there is one ultimate reality for all.

  17. Riat Ramadani, how easy is it to get lost in arguments like you propose. I agree that the title is stupid, it sounds better in Serbian, „Dr ILIA TOLI: Albania is one of the reasons for the backwardness of its neighbors“. Actually you can only argue the title. You know that I am right just about everything in what I say about Albania. What does it take? Just take the wool off your eyes and see the reality for what it is. Albanians have gotten into the habit of blaming every misery they have upon everybody else. It’s never ever their fault.

    • You are entitled to your opinion doctor but you should be careful with your title not to get carried away. Mind plays tricks on you sometime. Do more research maybe you will feel better about who you are not and maybe you will like who you really are one day.shkel

      • I do actually adore who I really am. I am American, Christian Orthodox (Russian church), PhD in Mathematics, BSc in Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry (3BSc). Fluently speak 5 languages. Will start my second PhD in Materials Science in September 2014. That’s a very good way to be.

        After missing from Albania for 13 years, I returned there as American professor with a PhD from University of Pisa, Italy. Pisa ranked 49th in the world in Mathematics in 2010. I went to such a University of Vlore, more appropriately characterized as a diploma mill. They paid me less than the retirement of my father, village teacher in Albania. When I insisted to get the Albanian legal wage, they threatened to crush my head like a little bug. When I asked why this little money, they said because University of Vlora doesn’t recognize the PhD from University of Pisa, a bureaucratic matter. Except that they’re lying and cheating Albanian bastards.

        Now I know what you’ll say, you’ll elaborate the misery. Take the wool off your eyes and you’ll realize that you too have better options than keep wasting time with Albania.

        • Yes Mr.Ilia , you are right !
          But i guess you are confusing your feeling , with the history .
          I guess you should rather get some PhD-s in history and archeology , before discusing those matters .
          As you said above you should propably be a proud serbian , there are a lot of people governing albania since 1945 , greek and serbian spies that want you , me us , everybody to feel anger .
          But this doesnt give you the right to be their victim so easily .
          No one in Albania has wool in his eyes .
          You said you are proud of what you are and you showed us your tittles , rightfully earned , but dear Mr. Ilir , those show what you become , not what you are .
          I think you should better be a Mathematician , do not confuse with history .
          Yor declarations shows who you think we are and maybe who you want us to be , not who we are .
          Why so much hatte ???

          • One can not change where they came from, we can only change ourselves. To become better, more tolerant and to treat each other with respect and empathy. Stop teaching Hate, only results in more hate. Do something good everyday or at least once in a while. That goes for all ethnicities.

            Arben Alimi

        • Albanian bastards? Wow, your hate and attempts to create an identity fornyourself is really pathetic. Guess you suffered too much by stupid racists whilebfleeding around Europe and ended up falling in love with your persecutors. Well done

  18. Ok, Ilia you have the right to condemn the stupid politics of internal Albania.
    But being a PHD in math does not give you the title of historian.
    Stop talking non sense please.
    I have an MD degree and worked there and there does not give me the right to be historian.
    For me all everything you said is just trashes, well you are just another orthodox fanatic. And unfortunately I have seen quite a few of yours recently.
    And shame on the PHD thesis, find someone who has same view as her and publish her idea through this „Albanian“ who changed his name because it was too „patriotic“.

    • She writes the PhD in a wide variety of topics concerning Kosovo and Albanians. I might be just one paragraph in her thesis, just cites my views without endorsing them. I have read enough in history and philology as to know what I am talking. The government is made of the same cloth like its people. Every people has the government that deserves. I just know Albanians too much. Yes, there are some adorable people. Not enough. Adorable people exist just about in every village of Earth. Overall Albanians are quite a thuggish crowd, up to no good.

      • Albanians have never been up to good. Thanks to sclaves from urales mountains we have come to know who we really are. Not to mention out Albanian compatriots who will sell their mother for less than a penny. Again I am glad as Albanian we do not fill the rooster of Haguevcourt as much as our lovely neighbors do. Hope this is enough for you orthodox fanatics. Long live Putin shall I say as you were never part of Europe.

      • You spoiled blood how rotten are you. 1000 Phd’s will do you no good. When you raise three fingers keep two for democracy and victory and peace and the third one you know what to do with….not on Belgrade though… They will not let you hold your gay parade…so just keep it to yourself in your lonely world.

        • 1, 2 or 1000 makes no difference to you. Good or bad, thanks God is not defined by a nepismeni kretenu like you.
          So, I am gay and lonely at once? For gays, you can go to Kavaje, Elbasan, Tirana. A little bit lonely I am, because it actually takes a lot of work to accomplish oneself. But you can’t understand this, nor the joys of loneliness, it wasn’t meant for you.

          • A person that has a PHD in Mathematics you would think would provide some proof, facts that would give credibility to their fabrications. Ilia Toli speaks as he is the Balkanologist of the century without any research done in this field. E=MC^2 wil not help you here.
            Here is something you might want to read.
            EVERY AXE HAS A HANDLE…..usually made by wood to cut its own wood. You are not the tool…you are the handle for the tool.

            Houses and whole villages reduced to ashes, unarmed and innocent populations massacred en masse, incredible acts of violence, pillage and brutality of every kind — such were the means which were employed and are still being employed by the Serbo-Montenegrin soldiery, with a view to the entire transformation of the ethnic character of regions inhabited exclusively by Albanians.[1]

            — Report of the International Commission on the Balkan Wars

          • Ilia good job on changing your name from Ilir to Ilia….I wonder how many changes have you made to yourself to become a pure breed of whatever you want to become….Just do not change one thing….your field of study,…I hope you are better in math than in History……

          • Shkelqim, the pure breed is the obsession of those who have nothing else to show. They feel worthless, hence they invent themselves quarter a noble ancestor. From here you can guess how much Albanians feel worthless to convince themselves that God created the World starting from Albania. That’s why the world is such an ugly place, the blueprint was screwed up.
            I absolutely do not care what kind of breed I am, never spent time with that. Don’t have time for that anyway, too busy with real life. Whoever you are, get yourself new skills, a degree in engineering, a new foreign language, better social skills, learn a trade, improve a trade. When you get to the new level of something, you will frown down at what you were. That’s good.
            Pablo Neruda wrote a poem about Albania, about a topic that he absolutely knew nothing about. That’s the perfect feedstock for a poet. I was present many times when Albanians used to have fun at the poem: „we are so smart that we have even fooled Pablo Neruda.“

          • Well….Ilia to me name does not make you who you are. Just like your name was Ilir meaning free that does not mean nothing. You went from Free in Albanian to ILIA and I really don’t know what that name means but I think it is religious from Eliyah – „my god is he“. So Tolipulos or Toliesccu or Tolic to me is a different nation with the same religion as you who do not like Albanians, I mean they are not Albanian and I understand that they cannot like us. But if a religion such as your brings so much hate that an Albanian will change to hating their own because of it……what makes you better than those turkish speaking arnauts?

          • It is islam that brings hate, rape, pillage, plunder. I do have to defend myself, no matter how displeased you are with it.

          • @Shkelqim Hadri

            ILIR was an exonym, that’s how Greeks called them. If ‘ilir’ means something on Albanian, that could indicate that there indeed were Albanians in BC era here on Balkans, and that they were someones slaves, while there were Illyrians on the other side, whom which Albanians envied on their freedom.

  19. Another thing if you were to squeeze 10 Serbs you might get a drop of Albanian blood. I’ll piss on your PHD, you self rewarding piece of shit.

  20. Unh how angry I am to hear bullshit from the people that caused more massacres in Europe after Hitler that only history will tell. Who are you kidding. Nemoj curo da sebe lazes. Svi vi znate stay se desavalo na tom nebeskom kosovu Ali tvoja mala glava sa jednom PhD hoce DA onako tako sve da popravi kolko albance ili siptare treba koljiti jer oni Ne sasluzuju bolje. Vidicete vi kad srbija je nista vise nego beogradski pasaluk. A ty o shqipetar ibshitur mosbmete me bie puna te te takoj we Enver Hoxha ka mu tu dok si Dalai Lama o gjak I prisht.

  21. I find it very strange that miss ravasi chose this guy with no patriotic value whatsoever,who thinks that life revolves around phd’s or being a bad example to any inspiring young patriotic albanian.This guy is a clown and well donne miss ravasi you proved your point.An albanian with a bit of brain would easily choose to become a serb,because you are better and we are animals.All of this could be true but one thing we are not remember,we are not bastards of sllovonic herds coming from russia.

  22. Since when is it a crime for Dr.Toli to speak the truth? Rather than hurling insults in his direction it would be better to enter into a discussion about the substance of his comments.

    I find your reference to people of Serbian origin deeply troubling, and full of vitriol. I have always had a deep regard for the Serbian people. They have amazing resilience after immense suffering and persecution during WWI, WWII and the Bosnian War with the culmination of the illegal and reprehensible bombing of Serbia in 1999.

    I commend Dr. Toli for being able to think for himself, and for having the ability to be introspective. That is a great and redeeming quality. My deep respect goes out to him for being able to pursue his dreams.

    Good night Dr.Toli and Olga Ravasi. Keep up the good work!

  23. There’s big difference between reality and reel…you, organs stilers, can’t understand it…lol

  24. To anyone who don’t like and hate albanians I congratulate u.Keep up your good work.Miss Ravazi and you Miss Gorin please don’t stop condemning anything and everything that had to do with our nation.Please don’t stop.I have never hated anybody before with my soul but I am starting to feel disgruntled by you two ladies,I feel inspired to be more determined now. As for my lovely traitor here who doeésnt like the truth.1 question what language did the Serbs speak before the 7 century?You can call us thiefs,murderers,organ stealers anything u can think of its True but I am gonna say it again one thing we are not bastards of sllovonic herds.As for you mister Ald 007 you have no idea what the Serbian-montregrenin armies have donne through the centuries in our country,so unless you have lost three generation of parents uncles grandfather’s brother first cousins I would suggest u keep shtum my friend.The truth is always offensive.

    • The most native populations in Albania are Greeks and Aromanians. Greeks have been there for 3 millennia, Aromanians for 2.5 millennia. Albanian popular music is 100% Berber. The accent is Berber as well. This is compatible with the move from Caucasus to Egypt to Sicily to Albania. Albania is an outgrowth of Mirdita (= Mjerdita). Burrel, Diber, Puke, Kukes, Kruje and in between are the most Albanian parts of Albania, where the non-Albanian toponyms are non-existent. The rest of Albanian toponyms are 100% Greek, Slavic, Aromanian. 0% of them are Albanian.

      Ironically, Albania today only exists thanks to the efforts of the Aromanians in Albania who didn’t want to assimilate into Greece. Bad deal. In 1913 Albanians burnt to ground Moscopoli = Voskopoje. Today Aromanians badly regret their stupidity. Even the anthem of Albania was written by an Aromanian and the music of the anthem by a Romanian from Romania. In theri mind Albania was to be the homeland of the Aromanians. How did it go?

      Albanians fought to maintain Turkish „occupation“. That was a good deal for the Albanians. Remember Haxhi Qamil Zeka that occupied the whole of Central Albania. How successful, how much support he had.

      • Valhs (or Aromanians as you call them) could be latin Illyrians.(They re neither Greeks nor Romanians)

        Modern Greeks themselves are composed of different ethnicites, but bound together by a Semitic philosophy called Orthodoxy.

        A philosophy that you apparently are very proud and fond off, but that in reality is no different from any other Abrahamic ideology whether it is Judaism or Islam.

        Some of the races that are part of the Greek state today are:
        -Arbanites (medieval Albanians, probably been there since Gjin Bue Shpata time)
        – Vlahs
        – Chams
        -Middle Eastern

        Again, Orthodoxy is the ingredient that holds the state of Greece together, not origin nor ethnicity.
        So if an Orthodox Somalian that knows Greek and comes into Balkan cannot try to be more native than the people that he will find there, whether those people are Catholic, Protestant, Judaist, Muslims, Atheists, or Agnostic.

        As for the Music that you call it Berber, Albania’s Tosk dance is the traditional dance of Greece known as the TSAMIKOS whose meaning is translated as the Dance of Chams.
        (And we know what happened to the Chams during the genocide)

        Greece’s traditional guard uniform is composed of Albanian traditional clothes (FUSTANELLA)

        Voskopoja was burnt because the people of Voskopoja supported the actions of those ones that took away the life of Papa Krito Negovani.

        Vlahs are a respected community in Albania, allowed to have their own schools, speak their own language, and have their own representative in the parliament.
        Not only Vlahs, but every other minority in Albania has these rights including Greeks, Slavs, Bulgars, Turks, Ehyptians, Roma…

        How is Greece doing with the minorities rights? Arbanitet fought and bleed for freedom, are they allowed to maintain their language and heritage? What about Vlahs? Are they any different from Arbanites or they have the same fate?

        Read Aristidh Kola,a known Arbanit and then you will learn.(please read it only if you have free time, if you re too busy doing rocket science please go ahead…the lab is all yours to explode)

        Arbanitet, Arbereshet, Arnautet, and Vlahs too (some of them) might belong to different Abrahamic beliefs, but they all have a common thing.

        A thing which you diffidently lack, WE HAVE A BESA. You don’t have one, too weak to keep one.
        And that is a reason why you feel as an outcast from the society.
        A cigani is capable of keeping a BESA better than you can.

        Albanians fought alongside Ottomans and against Ottomans as well. And so did the Greeks, Serbs, Bulgars, Romanians, Venetians, and the Hvarts.

        Czar Lazar for example gave his daughter to the sultan and fought against Scanderbeg.
        The mother of the sultan during the Battle of Kosovo had a Greek origin.

        History (and social sciences in general) are too complicated in order to classify them as black or white.

        History is complex, because is filled with different personalities:

        -History has Haxhi Qamil as you mentioned, but it also has an Esat Pasha.

        -It has an Ahmet Zog and a Bajram Curr, and an Is Boletrimi. 🙂

        – It has a Toptan and also an Avni Rustem.

        – It has a Gjergj Skenderbe Kastriot, same like it also has a Hamza Kastriot,

        -History has a Lefter Koxhaj and an Ilia Coli.

        Exact sciences are a bit different , and I trust you know this better.
        I hope they give you no access to the atomic industry otherwise, with all the hate that you have, you could do something unimaginable.

        Allow me to congratulate you on your achievements Mr.Coli.

        Meqenese nuk shkon dot as ne hale me mend e tua, perdori diplomat qe ke si leter higjenike.

        Shnet e byth te forta.


      • What’s is that theory of Caucasus?it is taken from Jovan Deretic? a pseudohistorian from Serbia who stated that all the Balkan people have Serbian heritage except Albanians which came and setteled from Caucasus in Sicily in slavery condition by Arabs in IX ,after that, general Byzantine George Maniache brought them in Albania as mercenaries against Emperor Komneno.

  25. Ilia, ortodokse ka shume ne Shqiperi por ata jane shume patriote. Edhe une jam Ortodoks por kam luftuar ne Kosove kunder krimineleve serbe. E verteta eshte se ti je nje njeri pa dinjitet, pa vetebesim me mungese te theksuar te ekujlibrit mendor dhe ne krize permante Identiteti. Me siguri I deshtuar ne te gjitha fushat e jetes veç PhD-se. Jam gjithashtu I bindur se nuk je I qarte as per orjentimin tend seksual. E verteta eshte se ti ke qene keshtu gjithnje prandaj edhe ne Shqiperi te kane trajtuar si te tille dhe jo anasjelltas, pra se gjoja ti ke reaguar keshtu si kunder pergjigje ndaj sjelljen se tyre. Nje tradhetar egoist dhe sahanlepires si Ty ne Shqiptaret e dallojme qe nga era e qelbur. Prandaj per Ty edhe plumbi eshte dhurate e çuar dem. Me falni per formen e zgjedhur po kjo teme nuk me duket fare ne nivel Akademik..

    • Orthodox Dauti. I believe faster muslim Karatheodori. It is not up to you to define the dignity. Sexual orientation should be a private matter, but there’s no such a thing as a private matter for the Albanian thugs. Kindly I disclose that I am a straight man. I can prove this to you if you lock me up with your sister. I am trying to relinquish the Albanian citizenship, that too is proving hard. I have witnessed the corruption of Albanian embassies in a few countries, including USA, France and some others. I have dealt with them in quite a lot of countries.

      Basically if I were to relinquish the Albanian citizenship I’d feel freer. I could keep my opinions to myself, but a big reason why I don’t is because I want it to be clear beyond any doubt at all where do I stand with respect to Albania.

      Actually I also failed the BSc in Mathematics in Albania. Then went on to do a PhD in Mathematics in Pisa, Italy, ranked 49th in the world in 2010. When my former class friends expressed envy about it, I told them that Albania has such high academic standards that even the very last of them can do a PhD in Mathematics in Pisa.

  26. Well donne.Wonderful answers as always Mrs Ilia.Sorry I cannot compare to your stature or come close to it .I don’t have your intellect but I do have a good pair of hands and a good range with my right eye.I made sure I put them to good use years ago.I sleep very well knowing that as a person I did my bit to avenge a bit o dignity to our forefathers.I hope you rot in hell and to conclude this I am gonna say smth a very clever man in Boston said years ago(Fan Noli).A man can choose a religion how and when he pleases or the one of his forefathers but he can never change his nationality without writing TRAITOR on his forehead.So what are u my dear american?

  27. And for anyother intelligent person who wants to reply to my comments Google Albanian Golgotha first if you may,than maby you would understand that we are human who breathe oxygen too.

    • You certainly are human. Just gone very wrong. Wrong to the point to traffic body parts from healthy living persons and brag about it. You speak good English and have some hope of redemption by exposing yourself to more information besides Albanian official megaphones.

      Fan Noli was an adventurer. His „June Revolution“ was actually a Jewish-Bulgarian-Communist conspiracy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_Goldstein. The outcome? Albania was the 17th country in the world to recognize the most evil thing mankind ever conjured: the Soviet Union.

      Noli said that you can choose religion but not nationality. Why is that? Is nationality a new form of bondage? No means to relinquish that? You know where did Albanians shop this idea? From islam. In islam you cannot leave Umma, you become murtad, a traitor that must repent quick or be killed. Same thing in Albania, this time around applied to Albanianhood. Not really too much fantasy at it.

  28. Ilia Tolipulos-ic-esku I am a madman? I dont think so.
    Be free man….Enjoy life. I do not care what you change your name to, your nationality or your sexuality. I did not give you life. But please be careful when you speak about Albanians with a tone of superiority describing those that I belong to as inferior type of human beings. Just because you think you are better that does not make me worse than you.

    • Even in this comment you show your racism. To you Tolipulos, Tolic, Toliescu are inferior things as compared to Arnaut Osmani.

      Your tone has changed so much so fast. Read what you say earlier, and you give them as divine truths. It is you who feel superior. I repeat: I want to be left alone, that’s I’ve washed hands with Albania more than 20 years ago.

      BTW, I didn’t fall for the Ponzi schemes of 1997 not because I am smarter than everybody else, yes because I had settled in my mind: no good can come from Albania. How things went, only confirmed my belief.

      • Ilija i do strongly share your opinion but difference between me and you is that i still live in country you have fleed 🙂 ! Don’t let those people with names such as Kadria ,Hamzia ,Hadria ,Zenela do denegrate your reputation. Before years they have rapped their women now they put some glasses and act as a smart ass 😉

        For my opinion ,living in my country is worst than living in Ottoman Empire !

        • I kind of agree with you. The only thing that I regret in life is that I didn’t quit Albania in March 1991 and quit it in September 1995. My life would have been much more different. I returned there in April 2008, practically with no desire. I was American professor with a PhD in Mathematics from University of Pisa. Pranvera Resulaj, the vice president of University of Vlora told me that they pay me like a drumepre because University of Vlora doesn’t recognize the PhD of University of Pisa. Eventually they threatened to crush my head like a little bug. That all lasted 2 months. It is true that the more one stays in Albania, the more one learns. I decided that those lessons are completely unworthy the price and that I can do much, much better in life. Sometimes it is better to lose a battle than win it.

    • „But please be careful when you speak about Albanians with a tone of superiority describing those that I belong to as inferior type of human beings.“??? But it is you who have been taught that the Serbs are inferior!

  29. What’s wrong with u man.Can’t you just shut up about albania being such a miserable place.Just because people didnt value your intellect correctly it doesn’t mean that you have the right to put everybody in a bin bag and if so does that include your own family.It took me a while to sus you out as a person.You have a lot of good things going for you but you are the most selfish person on planet earth.How can a person of your intellect go so low as to call himself a proserb.I don’t understand how can you,don’t you have an ounce of blood in you?Or you have sold your soul or have been bought and paid and being paid to fuel proserb propaganda.Be a man for once and stop the lecturing bullshit about who’s who and what’s what and say what you really are.THere are a lot of intellectuals who lost their fortune and their lives for nothing in return so that you and me can have a country to call home,but no ungreatful scum like you know no bounderies.

    • The selfish persons are those who don’t think about me.

      I am selfish in a good measure, as defined by me. You can form whatever judgement about me, I will have to live with it. All of those unselfish heroes, keep them all for yourself as an inspiration. You again show up the racist muslim Albanian that you are. Deep inside, every Albanian despises his Albanian neighbor. That’s part of their predator psyche. Collectively, they project this on their neighboring nations.

      Serbs are quite a wonderful, hard-working and talented nation. Albanians? I leave that to you. You most likely live outside Albania and are an internet Sunday patriot. I really saw too many like you in life. They teach impeccably about how to be the perfect Albanian, and do that from thousands of miles away. Living in Albania? Yes, someday.

      Though unwillingly, I did go back to the world-wide prestigious University of Vlora as a Western-trained scientist. They threatened to crush my head like a little bug and paid me less than $200 a month. My monthly rent? $300. In Vlora. What a selfish person must I be to ask the legal wage. Here in USA I get like 100 times this much. Am I not selfish? Plus, nobody threatens to crush my head like a little bug. Man, what a pretentious asshole I am.

      This is to begin with. All misdeeds of the Albanians would fill books, but I have declined offers to write one. If you send me your email, I can forward you a beautiful article from Lazer Stani („anti-communist“ „poet“) at Zeri i Rinise in 1988 and my CV. Just for you to have a minimal taste of it. One episode among others. I can also forward you a short story from „Tregu i Zeros“ of Eljan Tanini, a story inspired from my life events. I know that I must not surrender to the evils of all Albanians and there are still as of yet some Albanians who haven’t wronged me personally. I am not begging for your empathy, just showing you a big mirror.

      Serbia doesn’t need to buy me, they got me for free. That’s a much better deal. Albania got me for free too, but they have too many people like me, enough to butcher a lot of us for the fun of it.

    • BTW, my email address can be found online and is [email protected]. I can tell you more if you write me. Not to win you over or convince you or whatever, just to show you some more reality.

    • and for the end, nobody says that Albania and other places where lives „Albanians“ are not beautiful, problem is Albanian indoctrination of everybody whose roots are not Albanian that he actually is, for example mother Teresa, born in orthodox aromanian family is now for needs of Albanian politic biggest „Albanian“ ever born ,although history didn’t proved yet origin of Albanians, nationally and linguistically, what is a big lack of identity. Americans claim that they are Americans but all they have some proven roots, would be nice all „Albanians“ to know them real roots and then it would be much easier for everybody, all other claims are just indoctrination of stupid people for any bodies political interest, or supporting an „nation“ for bigger political manipulations, what with „Albanians“ happened to many times in history,

  30. He is just a looser I live in florida and I know who this stupid guy is
    A child molester he is sociopath
    Just look at his writings .

  31. The dude has a perosnal crisis he is lost due to his disorderly personality I mean common just read carefully he is totally against himslef he hates himslef soon he will commit suicide .

  32. In 1999, during the Kosovo war I was working in Bologna, Italy with a guy from Kosovo. He was pushing me to go and die for the glory of the fatherland in the mountains of Kosovo.

    He — If I only were young and perky like you, I’d go and fight for freedom in Kosovo. They give you medals.
    I — And why doesn’t your brother go?
    He — My brother is silly.
    I — The silly here is me, if I listen to you.

    His brother was a car thief in Belgium.

    I was thinking with myself. This is what Albania has in store for me: Lazer Stani, bullying, homeless in Italy and Greece, eternal glory, vultures of the mountains of Kosovo. For other people it has in store other less valuable stuff, like real estates, fellowships to foreign universities and the like.

    • C’thua e te keqen. That boy was totally stupid asking you this.

      Nuk ja ndjente hunda atij eren gjakun tend qe i vinte era mut. A te keqen e Ushnjes un ty.

      (rrespekt per myzeqaret ne pergjithesi, po ky larua ktu aha…i rrofte kosherja, se bletet pzzzz.. neper universitete)

  33. Sorry for forgeting to reply to you yesterday,I was gonna do it on Sat but then you would have called me smth else and I kinda prefer the parttimer remark. I do get that a lot from my UÇK friends.I must admit you are spot on about me as I was about you.I have succumbed to be a weekend patriot, family commitments.But it’s a lot better than nothing,don’t you think.I like to think that I have donne my bit years ago to satisfy my thirst of revenge.As for my religion I believe there is one God and i believe in him and no-one else.The last thing I am is a myslim.Being albanian is my religion.Komenti ne shqip eshte nga shoku im I ngushte(vella) nga vlora qe ka sakrifikuar jeten shumë here duke luftuar serbet me uçk.Ai eshte ortodox.Ne qofte se deshiron mund te jap emailin e atij.
    As for your rent that you were paying on vlora bullshit.Realistically for a one bed apartment close to the centre It ranges around $ 100 dollar’s.Wages probably roughly what you mentioned, maby a bit more but no less.And that’s the average for everyone.You are not a special case.I don’t think that’s the only reason for all this hate,u do bring the vlora thing quite a lot though.Albania is an up and coming country that has difficulties throwing away its communist past,hence the slow progress.U probably know more about this than I do but you have changed and can’t express your views fairly anymore couse you would contradict yourself.You are a racist egoist who knows that 70-80 % albanians don’t believe in any religion because it’s regarded as decadent,only in god.It’s a transmitted disease from Mr Hoxha.
    As for your I must say outstanding offer, I humble refuse.I remain red and black through and through until the day I die whatever the life throws at me.I am not selfish and ungrateful.
    Rrofte Shqiperia,Rrofte Kosova e lire,rrofte UÇK e te gjithe atdhetaret kudo jane ne nje ze Poshte SËRBËT

    • You are very much outdated. The state salary of a university professor in Albania is not $200/month. Then the rest of humiliations that I had to endure in 2 months. How much they needed me? When I finally left, they made me a new offer: „if there is anything that would change your mind, please don’t hesitate to tell us“. A little bit too late. Besides that they stole my mail from Austria. There were two foreigners at that time there, Dmitry Malinin and Stefan Kohl. I know for sure that you’ll dismiss them same way you dismiss me. You can email them online and see how much right I am about those jewels.

      • One can not change where they came from, we can only change ourselves. To become better, more tolerant and to treat each other with respect and empathy. Stop teaching Hate, only results in more hate. Do something good everyday or at least once in a while. That goes for all ethnicities.

        Arben Alimi

  34. Besides, I am worth more than $200/month. Anywhere in the planet, Albania included. Once in a blue moon they managed to trick a western-trained scientist into going to vlora, once there they treated me in the only way that they know. Then without shame asked me whether us there something that would make me change my mind. Yes: crushing my head like a little bug will do. Scientist Tanush Shaska. The best of vlora. I have much more against vlora and also went there to prove myself wrong. When safe again in usa, I laughed hysterically for 3 months. They confirmed yet again full force each and every opinion I had of them.

  35. Mr Toli or whoever replies to the comments here.It seems to me that It just might be more than one of you here hence the poor answers to any of the above comments.Sorry but there is no depth or value in what you say.Not that you have too,I just expect a bit more from an intellectual like yourself.
    In regard to me being outdated,being albanian to you probably means that anyway.But I am from vlora and I know exactly what goes on in my city.Do you know what goes on in your city Lushnje?The difference from me and you is that you have forgotten to value your kinship, you have become reliant on your new acquired values.That’s why your selfishness comes through in every comment.But who am I to judge you just a mediocre Sunday patriot anyhow.
    My offer still stands or you have forgotten to read albanian now.

  36. I have better to do in life and for the time being will not come to this site. Too busy. Besides, talking with the Albanians has become too boring.

  37. Rightly so,and the rest laugh at us.

    • My first ever thumbs up to you.

      They have laughed at Albanians for a very long time now. That is, when they weren’t crying on disgraces that Albanians wrought upon them. Read Kastriot Myftari. It is about the time to take conscience about how bad things really are, and change what you can. I did my part: quit the bad crowd. Let’s face it, most Albanians in Kosovo are nostalgic of the Serbian „occupier“. Things were much better under them than under these patriots that rule Kosovo today.

      • BTW, Albanians from Kosovo still have 3 easy options for citizenship today. Kosovo, Albania and Serbia freely offer them citizenship upon request. Which one do they prefer? You know which one, the passport of the Serbian „occupier“. Ain’t that funny? Hasn’t been a long time since Serbian „massacres“ and the „heroic“ battles of KLA „freedom fighters“.

  38. 1st Comment (in Albanian for my „fellow“ Ilia):
    Ooo Ilia o lumadh, po mendoja te drejtohesha me formalisht ne fillim duke respektuar te pakten shkollen qe ke, por ti nuk respekton veten dhe prejardhjen tende nje here, keshtu qe une nuk kam pse te te respektoj se pari.
    Pyes veten se si e turperon veten keshtu o derezi sepse ne shqiptaret nuk na turperon ore jo, nga qe ne e dime se cfare jemi, por me kete interviste ke turperuar veten o i ziu ti. Po ta them me siqeritet te plote pasi edhe une si person nuk jame ndonje patriot i madhe. E di se sa vlejne vlerat dhe kultura jone por kritika jote kalon cdo kufij te nje njeriu objektiv. Ti me siguri mendon se je treguar nje njeri i sinqerte dhe i pandikuar, me nje fryme perendimore, por te siguroj une qe te gjithe anti-shqiptaret qe lexojne intervisten tende edhe komentet e tua ketu, mendojne vetem kaq: „Me ne fund doli nje Shqiptar gomar i cili e pranon qe eshte gomar“. Po ta perseris edhe nje here qe ti si person del i turperuar nga kjo histori dhe jo kombi Shqiptar. Historine tone e kane mbrojtur historianet e vertet objektiv po njs ti bej cfare te duash une thjesht po tregohem me i miri ne te gjithe kete forum duke te treguar se si po dukesh..

    2nd Comment (in English addressed to anyone who has read this article):
    This article is way too much biased. I don’t expect much from someone who is too influenced politically but to interview someone who has a PHD in Mathematics for historical opinions.. I don’t see any relation here. I don’t consider myself a patriot to my country. I know my country and my people have many faults and we aren’t that great in developing a democracy. However the comments of Ilia don’t seem very convincing. The are parts of his story that don’t seem right.

    First: If he has reached such a prestigious scholarship degree, why didn’t he go to Tirana to find a job, but went to Vlora instead. Vlora is not one of Albania’s main city, nor is it’s university. There are many prestigious universities in Tirana which are constantly trying to find well-educated professors, and the jobs are paid quiet well. You should be informed that many Greek professors are coming to the universities of Tirana because like I said they are paid well.

    Second: Ilia changed his name from ‘Ilir’ because it sounded very patriotic??? Who does that?? The name ‘Ilir’ in Albania isn’t a name just related to the ancient Illyrians… The name ‘Ilir’ in Albanian also means – a ‘Free’ man. The Albanian phrase „Une jam i-lir“ means „I am FREE“. Therefore the name „Ilir“ doesn’t seem very patriotic to you unless you deliberately want it to sound so.. And that means my friend Ilia that you are not objective in your telling.

    So I’am sorry to say this, but there is totally no value in this article Olga. Try to find some more unbiased candidates… like me for example :P, just kidding. Keep researching. Cheers.

    Ps: Sorry if I have made any mistake in Albanian or English. I am always lazy to do corrections.

    • The story doesn’t have to convince you. I went to Vlora because Albanian-American mathematician and scientist Tanush Shaska begged me to go there. Once on the other side of the border, Shaska started treating me like a doormat. Whatever his fantasies. Eventually he threatened to crush my head like a bug. Pranvera Resulaj, vice-president (president of vice) of the „university“ told me that they couldn’t pay me anymore because University of Vlora doesn’t recognize the PhD from University of Pisa, „a bureaucratic matter“. Whatever whatever.

      I got a job offer from the president of University of Tirana himself, Dhori Kule, and declined. I came to Albania half-hearted to begin with. Once out and safe again, I laughed for 3 months how perfectly Albanians fitted all my low opinions about them.

      Find a copy of the book of Eljan Tanini „Tregu i zeros“ and read a story titled „M’i jep pak breket se do shkoj tek e fejuara“.

      • 1.Ilia you are continually repeating yourself and you finally admit that you didn’t want to work in Albania in the first place. Therefore you are still confirming that you are not an objective individual in this matter and your opinion is not valid at all.

        2. You really have some issues my friend. When you say „I laughed for 3 months how perfectly Albanians fitted all my low opinions about them“ – I AM REALLY LAUGHING AT YOU. You are insulting yourself my friend. Like it or not, you are Albanian and you were even born in that country. If you are insulting your origins than you are insulting yourself, ergo you don’t respect yourself… I am sure that you know the story of Socrates. He refused to insult and cheat the system that sentenced him to death. Why? Because doing so would mean to deny the system that was created from the place in which he was born, and that means to deny his origins.
        Anyways as i said, you are really making me laugh with your comment 😀

        3. I have noticed that you have not spoken once in Albanian here. Maybe because you think that is a foul language from foul people (don’t forget that includes yourself). Now I see that you have recommended me an Albanian book, and that means that you are still reading in Albanian. Please make the Albanians a favour and don’t read anymore in Albanian because NOW you are insulting them.

        Best of all don’t even tell anyone that you are Albanian because you are insulting the Albanians and YOURSELF too!! (Just like you have told to us here. Don’t you agree? :P)

        • Albanian is no longer my first language, it’s my third language. First being English and second Italian. Fourth and fifth French and Spanish. I speak English with my family in USA, Italian with my family in Italy and Albanian with my father in Lushnje.

          If you meet Albanians who come from USA after 40 years and speak in perfect Albanian, it’s not because they’re this connected to Albania, it’s because they’re so thick that they never learned English.

          That book actually tells my story. Nothing glorious about it or about me, just nothing that I am ashamed about. I did nothing to deserve this much evil from Albania.

          In the 21st century identity is not strictly related to blood, though correlated. The only reason why I express myself about Albania is because I want to make myself unequivocally clear about where do I stand. I could keep these opinions to myself, just it’s not fair.

          Yes, repeating myself. I don’t even count on you having read this all. Besides, repetition reinforces stuff. I am also a teacher. Not good enough for University of Vlora, good enough for Northeastern University, Boston. Will have to live with this.

        • BTW, I am the „official“ translator of Kastriot Myftaraj for Gates of Vienna. Now you know what type of an evil person I am.

          • You are talking like a politician. You keep avoiding my main points and that means that either you don’t know how to respond or I am right in my opinions. Anyway it’s hopeless talking to you so I won’t lose any more time.

            You are disillusioned and your opinions don’t matter to anyone. They will only give a little pleasure to some anti-albanians, nothing more. Not every Serb and Greek hates Albanians, just like not every Albanian hates his neighbours (myself included).

            Bottom line: Keep spilling hate pal. What goes around comes around.

          • Time is ripe for „what goes around comes around“. All of the evil that Albanians have done in this world… Think Voskopoje (Moscopole). Albanian thugs plundered it to death. Notwithstanding, those Aromanian cretins sided with Albanians once more, and regret it again.

            Think of all drug dealing that Albanians do in Switzerland, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium. What do those countries owe to you? Is it sporadic?

  39. Dr Toli, as an educated man you should know the difference between white collar and blue collar crimes. Yes Albanian criminals commit crimes that are readily identifiable, but the crimes committed by America (to the natives) and the UK (against their whole ‘Empire’) and the like are crimes that are beyond your comprehension. Ironically, their reasoning is akin to yours, that those civilized people went to ‘help’ the barbaric, uncivilized, and they helped them right into eradication of any identity, and in the case of the Native Americans, into near extinction. I’m not so well-versed in political vocabulary, however I am sure that a man who is ashamed of his own background is worse than one who is angry at foreign enemy. I am ashamed that there are Serbs here taking your word as a representative cross-section, as confident as I am that any intellectual, Albanian or Serb alike, will take it for what it is, an angry man trying to look good to the USA or Serbia or whatever vested interests you have in ‘removing your Albanian citizenship’. Well, just remember, nobody else will accept you as their own, you are not American, Italian or Serbian, (no matter what that piece of paper says) and you are (happily for you) not Albanian, because it isn’t something you claim or revoke, its something you uphold. If you have a wayward brother you don’t cast him aside, you take him in with all your resources and try to make him a better man. You, with all your knowledge and experience, can do good, and uphold the Christian virtues you sing so loudly about, but you choose to mock and cast aside the allegedly barbaric, uneducated Albania that gave you life. I’m not one for romanticizing, and my best friends are Serbian, but you, as a scientist and Christian, should know better than to get on your megaphone about how much you detest a nation for its shortcomings, even if it isn’t your own.

    • Mai, blah blah blah blah and nothing new from you. I tried once more to do good in Albania in 2008. The person who invited me in, such a Tanush Shaska, then threatened to crush my head like a little bug. Why? To make a better doormat out of me. It failed, but it did bring misery.

      That kind of ties that bind indissolubly that you claim just doesn’t exist, except in the mind of sado-maso people. If something constantly hurts you, you just change, before long. That’s the sane thing to do.

      In Vlora, Albania, I met a man originating from my own town, just 70 km north of Vlora, in Lushnje. He had lived his whole life in Vlora, and his whole life they had treated him like a refugee, like a foreign body. This is the approach that they have with people there. Then yes, if convenient they do shower „wayward brothers“ with sweet lies, for as long as convenient, not a second longer.

      I am American and I don’t want to be accepted by anybody else, I feel like I fit in. In a few other countries I felt like it wouldn’t work, and I quit.

      You have way too romantic idea of those barbarian crowds that Albanians are. This kind of ideas is actually typical of expats. These guys never tried to actually fit in in the new countries, and then fantasize whatever about a place that they quit in the first place. When they return to Albania, they get treated in a very harsh way. They get robbed, fooled, everything. OK, the people who live in Albania know the rhetoric, they do tell you sweet lies you want to hear.

  40. lol Ilia TOLI , i wonder how u managed to that a PHD in whatever science u studied. really to me u look like a little scum that life didnt treat well and then run away to find home, well not to blame u for that but dont fucking spit on that plate u eat yesterday.
    And if u think u know something bout history of Albanians lets have a chat but i see u r in some one pay book.

    grow up rubbish phd

    • I studied Mathematics. Now I’m graduating in Aerospace and Chemistry at once. Life in Albania didn’t actually treat me well, you’re right on that one. I know too much about the history of that barbarian tribe, too much more than I bargained for.

      • You are an Albanian ein stein. We should make toilets resembling your face and others like you and out them in public toilets, complete with the history of your achievements engraved so you can read while passing in your mouth. By the way these would be paid toilets

  41. You taking side with blood thirsting nation that do genocide on children, rape women.200 thousand in Bosnia , 70 thousand in Croatio, 15 thousand in Kosovo mostly women and children. You just basically saying hitler was right what he did in ww2 and you telling me you have Phd, you teach someone. I feel sorry for those student that spend their money to hear you what you have to say. Your knowledge seems is not even worth $50 year $200 month is way to much.

  42. I am confused about this article. If this is indeed research towards a doctoral dissertation it is alarming. The person you interviewed is clearly stating his opinion on his experiences as an Albanian ex-national. The opinions of Dr. Toli are riddled with subjectivity and often times with prejudice. Furthermore you sampling him for this article is also very skewed, since you said so yourself you are Serbian and he was referred to you by a „great friend“. I wonder if your friend referred you to him because they also agree with his views. This sort of writing has no business being in academia and seems to me to be fueling propoganda and hatred and is utterly devoid o scientific inquiry. I will not go into details regarding Dr. Tilo’s credibility on the topic, but on a personal note I found his comment regarding being more American than Obama, especially revealing to his viewpoints and credibility on matters of historical fact. I mean Dr. Tilo you are clearly disillusioned by your life in Albania, but do not confuse your sentiments with historical fact. It is one thing to have opinions but another to pass them of as credible perspectives on the history of Albania. As an academic your words have no business being writte on paper you are prejudiced, self-absorbed, and what you have said is wriddles with sweeping generalizations and inflamed speech. In one article you have described a people as being looters, backwards, and devoid of history. That is astonishing coming from a man who brags about his academic background.

    • I still brag about my academic background. Toli, not Tilo. It’s OK though. Your English is one of the best here. I really tried hard to fit in Albania, even after I was a Math professor in USA. It just is that they have very high standards, nothing personal. You know nothing about a few centuries of hajduk in the Balkans. Albania was the epicenter of the hajduk (hajdut) phenomenon. That shaped their present thuggish character.

  43. I was hoping to get a response from the author of this article. However it seems that Tilo has taken over this post. I understand that you do not like Albania, and it really doesn’t matter. I was more concerned with the statement the author made about interviewing experts to contribute to her dissertation. You are not from the U.S. Ilia so you might not understand the dissertation process here but it is very rigorous. The notions of objectivity, theory, and examining your own biases are taken seriously when engaging in research. It’s one thing to have someone state their opinion on a topic on the internet, but it is another to interview them as part of a dissertation or thesis. Passing them off as an expert in a field, especially when the views they express are biased and tinged with hate speech is unsettling. Furthermore an expert in mathematics should not serve as an expert on the history of a country. In any case, I think that the author understands what I am trying to say and I doubt she will respond. I just hope that her committee catches this, which I am sure they will. Now that I think about it I doubt this will even be part of her research as is. Sorry for the long post, have fun splitting the Balkans up even further. I thought I would gain some more knowledge on the topic on this forum, but I realized that I have an equal chance of that by just looking at some Youtube comments between Serbs and Albanians.

    • Well, I have published papers here in USA in chemistry, peer reviewed. Publishing now one in aerospace. I understand that whole process. Two out of three of my degrees are from US universities. The way you dismiss me, then the paternal tone that you assume are typical of US liberals. Unsettle as you want. I agree on the youtube thing. I modestly know stuff, including linguistics, history. At one point I studied etymology of some Balkanian languages in depth. Actually I regret the title and structure the author gave to this interview. It sounds much better in Serbian: „Dr. Toli: Albania is one of the reasons for the backwardness of its neighbors.“ Now, these are my words. The structure is on the OK side, could have been better at few points. She published with my approval, not like I read it at the time.

    • Biased is everybody who doesn’t conform with you. After all, you are unbiased.

  44. Kept it up with the hate Ilir. Great work.

  45. Mr. Ilir Tola. What you state about the former rector of Vlora university, Shaska, is probably true since I heard a lot of similar stories of the guy and had the misfortune of meeting him in an official meeting and found him drunk and in slippers in his rector’s office (which I found outragoues). So are many things you say about the present state of things in albania. That being said, your hate speech about a whole nation (and I don’t care to which nation you refer to) is deeply disturbing as well as ridiculous and contradictory. Youre kinda trying to project an image of yourself as a self made made man while on the other hand defining yourself as an American and christian orthodox and that really does not fit to the cliche of a self made man. You either are yourself or something made and defining yourself by your passport and religion is kinda ridicoulus. I have one question for you though: since Albania is a land of savages (as you repeatedly state) how come you wanted to came back and contribute? That one really I don’t get.

    • Haha, I take my question back after reading the blog peshku pa uje and especially consideration from your former university mates and your students (made me curious to be honest). Nevermind, don’t answer that.

    • I am answering anyway. That was in 2008, this article is in 2012. I tried one last time. Shaska first invited me as American professor, then threatened to crush my head as a little bug. Why? Because I insisted to be paid the Albanian wage. When I was finally safe in USA, I laughed for 3 months about this misfortune „I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.“ Everything happened by my most solid anti-Albanian stereotypes, and only reinforced them.

  46. DIsa here ne komente te ndryshme i referohesh vetes si shkencetar dhe eshte e cuditshme qe ben kete pretendim pasi as doktoratura dhe as mesimdhenia nuk mjaftojne per te te bere shkencetar. Nuk di mbi c’baze e quan veten shkencetar?

  47. This reminds me of my ex who was a Harvard Graduate in Medicine and thought Albania was in Russia..

    • I wish Albania were in Russia.

      • No, thanks. Albania’s the last thing Russia needs. Russia isn’t a monster you imagine it to be. It has a truly difficult past, but things are changing for the better. Shame you don’t seem to know much about Russia while trying to judge the country from an ignorant and prejudiced viewpoint.

        • You really didn’t take time to read my viewpoint about Russia, did you? Among other things, I spoke Russian fluently in the past, no longer. Whatever.

          BTW, Russia wishes to have Albania too, but it didn’t work for some historical coincidence. In the straight of Otranto Albania has some very nice gulf that some Russian general fell in love as soon as he saw it. From there, Russia would commandeer all of Mediterranean.

          I know very well how and why the difficult past, maybe better than you.

  48. Po me ben pershtypje shume i gjithe ky diskutim absurd per nje psikopat social si Ilia Toli (emri origjinal Ilir Tole).
    Kur Iliri ishte student i matematikes ne Universitetin e Tiranes une isha studente e vitit te pare ne mjekesi dhe me gjuante ne nje forme aq idiote sa ma shpifte. Ishte koha kur ne studentet Kosovare, pasi regjimi serb na kishte mbyllur universitetin e Prishtines ishim te detyruar qe te studionim ne universitetin e shtetit ame.
    Qe ne ate kohe, Iliri njihej ne Qytetin Studenti si budalla ekstrem me te cilin talleshin te gjithe, madje nje oficer policie qe ne ate kohe mbulonte Qytetin Studenti dhe qe ishin nga i njejti fshat e therriste me tallje „Ilir Toҫi“ qe me sa mbaj mend nga ajo kohe, Toҫ ishte sinonimi i budallait. Nje shoqja jone ne ate kohe tallej me te pasi shume shpesh perdorte shprehjen „sa shume e dua lopen“, „sa me pelqejne buzet e viҫit“, „sa i bukur eshte derri“ etj etj, shprehje te till ate cilat nuk kane fare nevoje per koment se atom und te dalin vetem nga goja e ndonje „mendimtari“ te shquar.
    Ne ate kohe flitej gjeresisht se Iliri masturbohej shume shpesh dhe ne prani te te tjereve dhe te them te drejten, kjo ma shpifi fare sps me bente te besoja se ky njeri ishte pervers.
    Tani ju patriotet e mi merreni e komentoni per ate psikopat social?!?!?!

    • S’po më lë shkau të vë një link. Gugllò „si e perjetova levizjen e dhjetorit“ dhe emrin tim. Më dhjetor 1990 e bëra si Mic Sokoli. Më 1991 u thashë studentëve kosovarë „kur të plasë në Kosovë më thoni dhe mua.“ Mund të kem qenë budalli i vetëm që bëri këtë. Lefteri, ai polici, ishte dhe komunist dhe sigurisht që s’e donte armikun e partisë dhe të popullit.

      Pastaj e kuptova që dhe ju gallofa jeni, koqe si të gjithë shqiptarët. Ti mashtron dhe gënjen si të gjithë shqiptarët. Më 1992 studentët kosovarë ecnin rrugëve të mëmëdheut duke ngrënë çokollata në mënyrë demonstrative. Fëmija shqiptar shikon. Nëna shqiptare e mallëngjyer thotë „ah kur do vijë dhe për ne ajo ditë.“ 95% e meshkujve, përfshirë burrat e martuar, masturbojnë. Ti je dhe mjeke. Leqë mjeke Shqipërie je, s’je kushedi se çfarë.

    • Këto thashethemet e derrave, viçave i përhapi Arben Kushta, një komunist skënderbegas nga Qukësi i Librazhdit. Unë i përhapa historinë „më jep pak brekët se do shkoj te e fejuara.“ Shkrimtari Eljan Tanini bëri një tregim me brekët e Kushtës. Me shqiptarët s’i dilet kurrë me thashetheme. Shqipëria e vogël, mizerja e vogël. Shqipëria e madhe, mizerja e madhe.

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