Олга Раваси
Олга Раваси

Serbia as the Holy Grail

Olga Ravassi

Olga Ravassi

While the heavenly Serbian populous admired the glorious Suleiman the Magnificent, and flushed the brain cells with low-level reality programs, which in any remotely normal person leave the consequences of a mild mental retardation, a new tsunami of democratic crimes swept through Serbia. Unarmed Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are once again attacked, and left at the mercy of the global imperialistic cabal, which at all cost must satisfy their deity through some sort of a blood ritual. There is no doubt that there is no randomness in the last cowardly attack in Kosovo by KFOR, immediately after the NATO Summit in Chicago, and right before and during the Bilderberg Group meeting in Virginia. Sacrificial rite was completed, and magnificently crowned by spilling Serbian blood on the holy land of Kosovo and Metohija.

While reasoning and exposing the global conspiracies and the alleged secrets of the Elders of Zion, the multi-headed hydra is flicking, hissing and threatening Serbia, the Balkans, and the world as a whole. If one head is cut off, it seems to grow two new ones in the same place. Those who serve this hydra of the New World Order are still free to move around Serbia, manipulating the human lives at any cost, in order to continue their servitude and dirty deeds. These servants in Serbia are sizeable and consistent chunks of dust, which we are unable to clean, and yet we wish to remove the pieces from the global waste landfill. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I suggest we stand up together as a modern dimension of the proletarians, and cleanse and detoxify in front of the personal threshold, the threshold of Serbia.

I imagine Serbia as powerful, but mortally wounded benevolent animal, over whose body are circling the birds of prey, clawing, digging and tearing the open wounds. I imagine it also as the only sanctuary that keeps the secrets of our DNA, our single „Holy Grail“.

I often return to the book that I got from my father back in high school, which to this day fascinates, awakening the imagination and intrigue. Holy Blood Holy Grail encourages me to just think about us Serbs in the context of our historical importance, which is hidden at all costs vanishing into oblivion. It is notable that the Serbs remain a significant part of the world conspiracies and a segment of interest. Our land, soaked with ancestral blood, sweat and tears, awakens the hatred and contempt for the vultures who want to tear, ravage and dissolve the body and the soul of Serbia and the Serbian lands; our only Holy Grail. It is our hidden Cathar treasure, scavenged for centuries, hiding something that we possess but do not value, while others want to steal it at any price. Perhaps our churches and monasteries are hiding the „Cathar or Templar treasure”, or some other secrets for which are so ruthlessly being demolished and destroyed. Maybe Fruska Gora and Rtanj mountains hold the hidden pyramids that were investigated by Bérenger Saunière from the French village of Rennes-le-Château, maybe the Merovingian dynasty was actually conceived in Sremska Mitrovica, and Dusan the Mighty kept the treasures of the secret societies….. Maybe …..

All this is an uncertain speculation, but one thing is very certain; it seems that the Serbs have fallen into that segment of the population which should be extinct and wiped off the face of the earth. Based on the familiar concept by Zbigniew Brzezinski, it seems that the Serbs are just a part of the „useless eaters“, and genetically modified food, chemtrails, diseases and vaccines will help to seal their fate. According to many experts, those at the top of the pyramid are actually useless and gluttonous, not those at the bottom. The members of the British Royal family may serve as an example classified into a variety of the “useless eater”, since the Queen’s 60th Jubilee was solely funded by the citizens, the ordinary tax payers who are socially useful. As Serbs, we seem to be of no use to anyone, mostly of no use to ourselves. We parted ways with everything that was once held sacred and dear, and allowed the capitalism, corporatism, offensive neo-feudalism, political correctness, which removes us from reality, cast a dark shadow over our existence. We turned to apathy dragged through the mud by the violent forces of democracy, and we yet adore her, although it keeps showing time and again its treacherous face.

Do not trust the democracy because it is ruled by those who have never met her!

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  1. Aleksandar Jovanović

    E pa,svaka čast onome ko je Olgu rodio.
    Sve dok imamo mladih koji misle kao ona,i umeju to da izraze,ima nade za nas.
    Lično,najviše mi je sela poslednja rečenica:“Do not trust the democracy…“

  2. „While the heavenly Serbian populous admired the glorious Suleiman the Magnificent, and flushed the brain cells with low-level reality programs, which in any remotely normal person leave the consequences of a mild mental retardation, a new tsunami of democratic crimes swept through Serbia.“ Lepo receno ali ko to razume?
    Ja to isto govorim i jos mnogo vise ali narodskim jezikom i opet me ne razumeju. Vidite i sami:
    Ljubisa Trgovcevic 21. mart 2012. „ko je vas poznavao, ni pakao mu nece tesko pasti… da znas da je u pravu, ista je to bagra bila i ostala i posle 70 godina i ko zna koliko jos godina u buducnosti jer se to: „biti i ostati bagra“, kod nas prenosi sa kolena na koleno.”
    Radomir Zivanovic
    Ja se stidim Srba zato sto se oni ne stide Brozove Lesine i Pijadine Mesine zakopanih u Prestonici.
    Boris Pribic
    Bilo kako bilo, Hrvati su se TRI puta borili za NDH dok su se glupi Srbi
    borili za Jugoslaviju umesto za Srbiju. Hrvati dobise svoju NDH a Srbi
    izgubise Jugoslaviju i sada gube deo po deo Srbije.
    Да цитирам Његоша:
    „Не бојим се туђинскога кота / нека га је ка на гори листа / но се бојим од зла домаћега…”

    Biskup Jaroslav Hus

    Jedini bolshevik kojeg mozete nekaznjeno ubit, zove se TELEVITZ! Pucajte u vas TELEVITZ!
    “Pokorni ce naslijedit GULAG”
    „Krscanstvo ==Boljsevizam sa maskom religije”
    „Boljsevizam==Krscnstvo bez maske religije”

    Tot Kalman, madjarski pesnik 19og Veka


    “….A gazda ga spazi pa ga nogom rino,
    Ustaj bedna psino!
    Pas zaplaka gorko: “Sudbo, sto me sazda!?
    Ja povazdan sluzim, jos me bije gazda!?
    A to Sudba cula pa ce reci njemu:
    “Cuti bedni stvore, sam si krivac svemu!
    Tvoji preci behu hrabri vuci, smeli!
    Pa me nisu kleli!”….

  3. Aleksandar Andjelkovic

    Excellent text with full analisys of recent happenings in Serbia which is boarderless,govermentless and part of its territory.Even more nicer and full description of democracy.But thats what Serbs choosen !

  4. Боже храни святую Сербию и народ ее!

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